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Student Chapter

Bylaws  for Student Chapter [ Last Update on 19.10.2015]

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Forming a student chapter in any region has a prerequisite that a regional chapter is already in place in the respective region.  Based on a written request from a group of registered members of INFITT (not less than 7 from the General Body of INFITT) resident in a geographically well defined area, a proposal may be sent to the Chairman, Chapter Management Committee (CMC) of the region.   Upon confirmation and approval within the  Chapter Management Committee the Chair, CMC may forward a copy of approval to INFITT EC stating that the students of such and such an institution (it may be an University, a college or an educational institution) had started a student INFITT chapter and that the proposal has  recommendations from 7 registered members of INFITT in the region concerned and that the students have identified two advisors to help them run the student chapter, one a staff member from the institution concerned and another from INFITT GB.