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INFITT Membership

Brief Description of INFITT Membership Categories:

1. Charter Member is any individual or institution that wishes to play a major role in INFITT, with voting rights. “Major role” is interpreted to mean an active role in the development and administration of INFITT and/or the provision of substantial financial support to INFITT. The number of votes allocated to this category of member reflects the “voice” the member shall have in the decision making process of INFITT. However it is not the intention of INFITT to allow “buying” of votes, as there is a cap on the number of votes.

2.Institutional Member is any institution with formal structures, authority to represent some constituencies and direct accountability — governmental, business or civic organisation — that wishes to be a member of INFITT with voting rights. However, as there are major differences among the institutions in terms of financial and other resources, INFITT has decided to allow for two sub-categories of Institutional Members: Institutional Member (Governmental & Business Organisations) and Institutional Member (Civic Organisations). Though they both will have the same number of votes, the latter will pay a reduced (about 50 per cent less) annual subscription.

3. Individual Member is any person who wishes to be a member with voting rights. The members of this category are seen as the bedrock of INFITT in the sense they will make up the majority of INFITT members. They are likely to have more direct involvement with the organisation and at an affordable cost. However, given the grave disparities in the economic status of countries around the world, two sub-categories of Individual Members have been created based on the member’s residential location: Individual Member (Category A) and Individual Member (Category B). The lists of countries under the two categories are attached as Annexe 1. The list may be altered periodically after consultation with GC and approval by EC. As with Institutional Members, there will be a difference in the annual dues between the two categories though they both will have the same number of votes.

4. Associate Member is available to any students registered in academic institutions. This category has been specially incorporated to encourage young students of schools and colleges to take active interests in Tamil computing and to get technical help from INFITT to carry out Tamil IT related projects.

You can use the online registration to become a member of the INFITT. We use Paypal as the online payment mode with credit cards. Payment by Cheque/DD and by Bank/Wire Transfer are available for people from India and Malaysia in their local currency in the local banks in the respective countries. Payment can be done in either US$ or Indian Rs. or Malaysian RM.

Individual Member – Category A

Resident of Category A Countries :
US, Singapore, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia and others

  • 5 Years = USD100
  • 2 Years = USD50
  • 1 Year = USD25

Individual Member – Category B

Resident of Category B Countries :
India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia

    • 5 Years = USD50
    • 2 Years = USD25
    • 1 Year = USD12.


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