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1. The mandate of the INFITT is to promote Tamil culture and language through Information Technology, computing, Tamil Internet, Tamil electronic content by the coordination of their regional, national, international and individual efforts and resources worldwide.

2. The aims and key objectives of INFITT are,

1. To organize and coordinate the efforts of its own policy and technical groups, various regional and national steering groups, independent groups (including Internet-based 3 organizations) industry and individuals and, within a global framework, facilitate, dialogue and promote cooperation and collaboration among various groups and individuals;

2. To identify key application areas for development of Tamil Information Technology, to define broad guidelines for their implementation and to provide technical assistance wherever possible;

3. To develop norms and standards for Tamil computing, including text and data handling, across different platforms, and the development of “open source-application programming interfaces (OS-API);

4. To promote education and the dissemination of Tamil Information Technology knowledge regarding Tamil computing;

5. To organize “Tamil Internet” (“Tamil Inaiyam”) conferences regularly (preferably annually) in different parts of the world in cooperation with concerned national organizations.

6. To provide a mechanism for the Tamil Information Technology community to be represented collectively at international, regional and national Information Technology and networking organizations and their conferences or meetings, and to act as a liaison body and a voice for Tamil Information Technology in these bodies.