Institution Membership

INFITT  offers  three types of Institution memberships,

Institutional Member is any institution with formal structures, authority to represent some constituencies and direct accountability — governmental, business or civic organization — that wishes to be a member of INFITT with voting rights. However, as there are major differences among the institutions in terms of financial and other resources, INFITT has decided to allow for two sub-categories of Institutional Members: Institutional Member (Governmental & Business Organizations) and Institutional Member (Civic Organizations). Though they both will have the same number of votes, the latter will pay a reduced (about 50 per cent less) annual subscription.

Membership Fee  (annual dues per calendar – Jan – Dec)

Institutional Member (Governmental & Business Organizations): US$  1,000

Institutional Member (Civic Organizations): US$ 500

Institutional Members (Both categories)
—    5 votes
—    20 per cent discount to 5 nominated persons on any normal fees for conferences, publications, products and services produced by INFITT
—    Priority booking & preferential treatment as appropriate
—     Inclusion in appropriate mailing lists

For more details, Pls contact  :-

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  • Email Executive Director [ ] +65 97805920