+65 97805920 ed@infitt.org


INFITT is a non-profit organization registered under 501-C in the State of California, USA. Donations to INFITT are tax deductible. There are three options to pay to INFITT, and please choose the option that you like.

1. Using PayPal

Please use the following link to send your donation through Paypal.
Direct Donation Link in Paypal

Pay to infitt07@gmail.com

2. Zelle for US bank account holders

US bank account holders can use Zelle to make payments to Infitt.

  • Sign on to your USA bank account, and select Transfer and Pay on the desktop or Pay & Transfer on the mobile app.
  • Select Zelle®. Select Send.
  • Select the Business as INFITT and the recipient as chair@infitt.org
  • The donation or membership amount gets deposited to the INFITT account directly.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Select Review, & Send

3. Direct use of credit card to pay to the INFITT account at Wells Fargo bank

Checking account number: 9552693880

Wells Fargo Bank Routing numbers:

  • Direct deposits & electronic payments: 121042882
  • Domestic wire transfers: 121000248
  • International wire transfers: WFBIUS6S