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Re: [WMASTERS] The Ksha... What are Tamil "original" letters


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Nagarajan Chinnasamy wrote:
> As a letter in the Tamil Scripts:
> ---------------------------------
> 1. First of all its not an **Original Tamil Letter**.

Actually the remarkable similarity between the letters
for the following in Tamil and Devnagri makes one wonder
about the "original" Tamil Letters.

Look at:  ka, ta, pa, ma, ra 

Those in Tamil and Devnagri are extremely close.
Actually the letters for the same above in Kannada appear
totally unrelated to Devnagri/Brahmi. Deriving the kannada
"ta" from Brahmi "t" (the harsh one, as in ettu(eight))
is more difficult than deriving an elephant from a spider.

Perhaps those used in Kannada are a lot more "original"
to south India, based more on the "circular" script
(vattal ezhuththu) of South India.

K. Srinivasan


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