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Re: [WMASTERS] The Ksha...


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Anbin Nagu,

Just now I am getting involved in this subject of  "ksha".

sorry for my ignorance, but do you mean "Ahenam" as I know, is the "ksha".

If so, in my openion this was designed as a diacritic. By the way I am
interested in proposing a glyph for "character scrollling". This would take
up a character position in the keyboard, but would be extreamly useful.

A flipped "di" for this purpose is at present/ hidden in the Tamil_Avarangal
In the future this can be used to access all other hidden characters that are
not assigned on the keys.

In a message dated 07/10/97  22:23:59, you write:

 As a letter in the Tamil Scripts:
 1. First of all its not an **Original Tamil Letter**.
 2. Its **redundant**. The same can be represented using k+sha
 3. The point 2 implies that its a **WASTE**.
 4. Its not just one another symbol. Because its a UyirMey,
    its actually **loading Tamil** unnecessarily with 19 letters.


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