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As a letter in the Tamil Scripts:

1. First of all its not an **Original Tamil Letter**.

2. Its **redundant**. The same can be represented using k+sha

3. The point 2 implies that its a **WASTE**.

4. Its not just one another symbol. Because its a UyirMey,
   its actually **loading Tamil** unnecessarily with 19 letters.

5. Unicode does not assign "ksha" a separate code. In storage
   it is represented using "k" + "sha".

6. This forum supported Grantha Letters mainly because they can
   be used to represent foreign sounds. Not because they are behind
   Grantha Characters. So, automatically it means that they
   are not supporting "ksha" :-).

7. Its not taught as part of Tamil letters in the Schools of
   Tamil Nadu.

In Encoding Table:

1. As it does not serve any special purpose in the language, it
   (actually!) does not deserve a place for itself.

2. For archives, etexts etc. the Ksha can be stored as "k"+"sha".
   The disks dont bother about Grantha!!! So, in storage its not

3. So, its needed only for the people who got used to it
   s..o..m..u....c.....h that they JUST DONT WANT to see it as
   "k"+"sha". Meaning they just want to ***SEE*** it that way.
   Which in turn means that it is **actually of the purpose of a
   glyph but it is given the place of a character**.

4. But, it needs a place in the Table, because people(even though
   they are very very few!) are using it and some people are
   particular about continuing to use it.

What does it mean for a computer scientist:

As a computer scientist, one is just supposed to design the system
**as it is**. Not supposed to change the application itself. Meaning
it should figure in the Table.

What does(should :-)) it mean for TNC:

As a government(TN) body, it should consider the history, its use in
language and other technical, political and social factors and decide
it should be there or not!!!!

What does it mean for a Normal Tamil reader/writers:

Nothing. Because they just dont bother to use it as "Ksha". Such
a complex symbol!!!!

Ksha meethu veRuppudan, (Thiru Ponnaiahvin kavanaththiRku :-))


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