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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: My goals for Font Standards.


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As a commercial vendor, I have only one goal and i.e. to 
keep my users happy. It does not matter if the minority
need or use particular characters. As long as they want
it within reasonable limits, I will provide it. 

Based on this principle, it seems to me Muthu and I, and 
Kalyan and I believe many others have come up with 
character sets that coincidentally include all the grantha 
characters including ksha. 

My sole objective and I believe that of most of us for 
standardisation is to allow us to communicate with each
other without having to resort to translation software.

As long as we have a
standard that eliminates or minimises this work I will
be satisfied. As long as some empty slots are included,
I can create the necessary extra glyphs to get on 
with keeping my users happy. 

I do not need to know anything about Tamil or its history to 
achieve these goals and neither does anybody else. Let
the future take care of itself. For now, let us just agree
where to put each character and get on with it !!.

Irrespective of whatever standard evolves here, as long
as my customers require it, all the grantha characters
will be available in my software and I believe it will be
the same for most if not all commercial vendors !! This
is the reality and it will not change irrespective of whatever 
new standard is set here !!

Sorry for the "harsh" tone, but this is the simple reality of 
this issue as I see it.




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