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Re: [WMASTERS] Upercase | lower case ? Need an answer please


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Anpin  Leong Kok Yong

Yes we shall use the font for evaluation. 

I have the utility to convert to Mac format, but no access to a Mac at
present and as for Unix some one on the list can help.  

Also I like to know if any one out there have access to Linux with necessary

In a message you wrote:

<< Subj:	 Re: [WMASTERS] Upercase | lower case ? Need an answer please
 Date:	06/10/97  07:13:15
 From:	kokyong@irdu.nus.sg (Leong Kok Yong)
 To:	SiSrivas@aol.com, webmasters@tamil.net
 That's a good move!
 Before we settle on a particular encoding, there should be at least a font
 to experiment with...to see if the charset is 'usable' for various
 Once you post the Windows TTF version, someone on the list will most
 likely be able to convert it into Mac and UNIX version for everyone...
 > Dear netters,
 > I am in the process of converting my font (Tamil_Avarangal) to the
 > standard.
 > I will be asking a lot of questions as time goes.
 > Here is my first question
 > 1) For transliteration, are we going to use upper case positions (ASCII)
 > the lower case positions for  Tamil. ( After discussion, Can Sujatha on
 > behalf of TNC and Kalyan and Muthu on behalf of tamil.net come to a
 > conclusion and let me know, I am awiting for the first reply.)
 > Nantry
 > Note: I came accross this problem as there are two differing standards
 > pros and cons exist.
 >  >>


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