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[WMASTERS] Re: kiLai mey ezuththukkaL


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 K. Jeyapalasingham.
In a message  you write:

<< Subj:	 RE: [tamil.net] Kizaimei ezuthtukkaz.  N

Thank you for the correction.
I shall call it "kiLai mey ezuththukkaL".

Kirntha is only a nick name. (Recall the verse "kirntham pesathe")

Additional: This is meant for characters other than fundermental Tamil
characters. I did not mean the kirantha. Please note fundermental is only my
expression for mey ezuththukkaL. The proposed kiLai mey ezuththukkaL is for
any additional ones, branching from mey ezuththukkaL.


 Date:	06/10/97  06:06:41
 From:	jeyapala@NTCGEN01AK.ntc.nokia.com (Jeyapalasingham Kandiah NT)
 To:	SiSrivas@aol.com (SiSriva)
 CC:	tamil@tamil.net (tami)
 If you mean branch in the term "KIZAIMEI EZUTHTHUKKAZ", it should be
 "kiLai mey ezuththukkaL" in Anjal format.
 But, what do you mean by additional? Grantha characters?
 In that case, there is no need for a new term for them as they already have 
 the name kirantha ezuththukkaL.
 K. Jeyapalasingham.
 From: SiSrivas
 To: webmasters
 Cc: tamil
 Subject: [tamil.net] Kizaimei ezuthtukkaz.  No m
 Date: Monday, October 06, 1997 01:30AM
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 Anbin nanbarhadcu,
 Please acknowledge this with a yes or no.
 From now on shall we call the additional "mei ezuthtukkaz", the
 1)  The gramatical name for this proposed title ("KIZAIMEI EZUTHTHUKKAZ") is
 opened to discussion.
 2)  The shape of "KIZAIMEI EZUTHTHUKKAZ" the existing | future ones are open
 to discussion.
 3)  Use of diacritics to very clearly distinguish | proposing totally new
 shapes are open to discussion.
 4) Facilitating researchers with the Tamil kutaloli , creating dictionary
 with pronounciation facilities and other subjects could be taken as part of
 this programm and not trying to introduce the out come directly into day to
 day use, at least for the time being.
 5) Giving freedom to font developpers with the option of using the existing
 these versions.
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