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Re: [WMASTERS] Can we please develop a standard?


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*This is to everyone -- myself, Selva, Hal, Bala, even Anu if he cares to
*listen.  Let's develop a standard.  Let's make it something that will be
*usable and widely accepted.  And let's follow the normal conventions of
*Tamil in 1997.  

       Prof. Hart you, Muthu, Dr. K. Srinivasan, Kalyan, 
       Ravindran Paul, Dr. Kuppusamy, Naa Govindsamy, Nagu and the
       TN Committee  and many
       others are doing really the useful thing and I feel
       users like me and other should try and give our thoughts
       in as constructive a manner as possible.
       I've made a few suggestions earlier and I've made my position clear.
       The four grantha letters, and if strongly felt by many 
       the sri, can be included in the set and a standard evolved. 
       Let us not include ksha and such kUTTezuththu. 
       It is just my opinion. I felt that this standard setting opportunity
       would be a good time to consider a way of representing
       F,G,D,Dh,and B. I understand the practicality of your suggestion.

       I think evolving a standard in as fast a time as possible will
       give us the lead time to 'enframe' our tamil works in the electronic

       One can e-circulate a questionnaire prior to evolving a standard
       to see how many people are in agreement with what ideas. 
       Can Bala or someone else help ?

       anbudan selvaa

*Just a thought.  GH


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