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Re: [WMASTERS] Can we please develop a standard?


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Anukanth Anumanthan wrote:
>         I wish their emotional attachment should be given due respect.
>         But it happened in tamil nadu.  If we are
>         going to standardise something that will be used in tamil nadu
>         then it should not have grantha scripts.

I have started having doubts, if we (the few who are taking the time
and energy and time to express their views) are going to have any
influence at all, in the "standardization".

I have decided to provide "conversion software" between the ones I 
am now supporting to and from the "new standard". That is my
humble contribution.

Thus I would request people not to hold
off any "electronic text" projects in any of the existing
formats, that are alrady convertible using ADHAWIN.EXE,
example, MYLAI, ADHAWIN, C-DOT, Typewriter, University Roman,
Readable Roman (ADAMI/Madurai), VALAI. Your time will not be wasted.
We can convert formats autmatically, whenever, the "standard"
is announced. Look at Switzerland Kalyanasundaram's page for
Tamil classics not yet in electronic medium. Choose your favorite
text and work on it.

I am eagerly looking forward for the day, we can announce the
availability of a CD-ROM (Cheap/costprice) full of all the texts
we can get in electronic medium in Tamil. This is a greater
service to Tamil culture than, fighting if one needs ksha, sri and
"Ha" in his name etc.

>         What Selva suggested is something that some of the tamils may
>         accept.  That is similar to my ideas.  Again it is not individuals
>         ideas that is going to be taken into account by tamil nadu tamils.
>         They love their language the way it is now.  That is without
>         grantha sounds and scripts.

Anu should try to persuade the "writers" to write Tamil in the
style; avoid non-Tamil words when there is already a Tamil word. There
is not much that he can accomplish by firing at those who are discussing
in this group.

In many English texts, we see French phases, like "a la carte", "deja
"faite accomplis" etc. for "sophistication". These kind of phases one
not find in English dictionaries and irritate a lot of simple readers.
Same thing, if Tamil writers use words not found in Tamil dictionaries.


K. Srinivasan of Quebec.


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