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Re: [WMASTERS] Can we please develop a standard?


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Prof. George Hart <ghart@socrates.berkeley.edu> wrote:

>...Let's develop a standard.  Let's make it something that will be
>usable and widely accepted.  [..] Let's get a standard, and
>then we can start arguing about this other stuff.

The draft proposed standard by Dr. Kalyan is almost there.  It addresses the
needs of all possible implementations that we can think of.  Mr. Arun Mozhi
raised some valid points regarding record sorting using the 8-bit code.
Muthu explained his ideas to us about handling the sorting problem during
his visit to the Bay area this past weekend.  I hope he gets some time to
post the sorting algorithm and C/Java code to demonstrate the algorithm.

I was concerned that user-defined sorting may not be available in the
popular databases until UNICODE standard is established.  Muthu assured me
that Oracle handles that in their current version.  Sybase supports similar
functionality for their European users where culture specific sorting order
is prevalent.  Microsoft's SQL implementation is based on Sybase technology;
however, I have not verified that they can handle user defined sorting.   If
there are database professionals in this list, I would like their feedback
on the sorting issue.

It appears to me that every possible technical issue that this list can
think of has been addressed by Dr. Kalyan's proposal and it represents the
best possible technical solution.  Let us just wait for Dr. Kalyan to
rewrite his draft in the usual ISO style proposal unless there are explicit
technical problems with the latest proposals.

Mani M. Manivannan,
Fremont, CA, USA.


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