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[WMASTERS] Can we please develop a standard?


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This is to everyone -- myself, Selva, Hal, Bala, even Anu if he cares to
listen.  Let's develop a standard.  Let's make it something that will be
usable and widely accepted.  And let's follow the normal conventions of
Tamil in 1997.  Sorry, Anu, but that means a few grantha characters.  What
is important is not splitting hairs or trying to figure out why Tamils
prefer to speak English in certain situations.  Let's get a standard, and
then we can start arguing about this other stuff.  One suggestion to Anu:
try reading Kampan or Sangam literature, and then reading Kalidasa.  You
might be surprised -- in fact, if you learned Sanskrit, you'd be amazed to
discover how Dravidian its syntax, structure, and thought patterns are.
Just a thought.  GH


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