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[WMASTERS] Accent's Global Development Kit (GDK)


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This multilingual UNICODE-compliant multilingual development tool appears
to have a lot of promise - has anyone in Webmasters used it?


Accent's Global Development Kit (GDK)
Source: http://www.accentsoft.com/gdk/gdkpr.htm

The GDK advantage:

Minimizes development overhead. 

    GDK is easy to learn. Based on the SDK paradigm, GDK provides API calls
that parallel the standard Windows API, significantly reducing engineers'
training time. It is not only useful for developing new applications, it
can globalize existing programs easily and economically. Unicode support is
built in.

One product -- all languages. 

    GDK provides total functionality via one executable. GDK lets you build
a single binary that provides multilingual functionality for any language
version of Windows. With GDK you can use Arabic under Spanish Windows,
Turkish under Russian, or practically any combination you choose.

Added value for your customers. 

    Providing multilingual functionality under any language version of
Windows, GDK gives your customer control over menus, dialogs, window
captions and message boxes in the languages of their choice. Your customer
also benefits from multilingual text input using any of dozens of keyboard

Integrated resource translation management system. 

     Streamline translation tasks using GDK's translation tool to create
resource modules for each language. To add a new language, just include its
module: No need to change the application source or binary.

The GDK translation tool accomplishes this with a trio of applications that
manage the process of string translation. These applications automate the
interface between programmers, translation managers and translators to
yield top quality translations efficiently and economically.

Technology you can trust. 

    GDK is the latest in Accent's family of time-proven multilingual tools.
Accent's word processors, Internet browsers and Web authoring software all
feature Accent's trademark technology to which Microsoft turned for help in
localizing Windows. You, too, can take advantage of Accent's localizing and
globalizing experience to suit all your international markets.


"Un atout pour qui travaille à l'international." (A real trump for those
who work internationally.) –O1 Informatique–

"Wie werkelijk gebruik wil maken van meerdere talen zal in Accent
ongetwijfeld de beste keuze vinden." (Without a doubt, Accent is the best
choice for people who need to work multilingually.) –PC Active–

"Accent ist die ideale multinationale Textverarbeitung..." (Accent is the
ideal multilingual program.) –PC Praxix–

"Unequaled international language support." –Personal Computer World–

"I haven't seen any other products offering this technology, and I think
this is the kind of software that offers me tremendous potential... "

For technical information about the GDK, please see the White Paper.

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