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[WMASTERS] Tamil characters h/w s/w sound code grantha


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tamil.net anbarhaz anaevarhadcum,

As I am extremly busy I was unable to participate in the discussions, as I
would like to. 

After glancing (sorry) through the relevant mail, I like to put forward the

1)  A hardware solution (a truly international dimension) is not long way
In this, even the transliteration technique will not (/minimal) have any
effect on    applications. Because the conversions will be done within the

Hence, mainly the character coding should be given importance. A truly Tamil
keyborad is one in which the physical keys are arranged as desired. The
coding of the sounds ( a group of ored sounds as in Tamil) should follow
(common)  international standard. 

2)  as for the current discussion on grantha, all I can ask you again is to
read my article "Tamil Kutalolikaz", which I sent to many of you as
attachment together with "Tamil_Avarangal" font which was designed for
research purpose.

Here is a tiny example,

ik ich id ith                   a^mmaa^  amma
ka sa da tha                 a~nnae    annai

path^th^u  paththu        path~u    pathu     ( expanding on Thoolihappiyam)

Yesterday, I was talking to a Tamil schollar who was aginst modifications,
but kept saying SANGGAM instead of changkam as he was against G and S! This
is the reality of Tamil sounds. It is not grantha. Of course the I am against
many of the new letter forms, only because they look ugly and do not mingle
with trditional tamil style. Also consideration should be given for minimised
characters with expanded representaion. Let us design some stylistic
diacritics. I've created some (see Tamil_Avarangal font) and hope some of you
will come up with an even better design.

Let me extend my special appriciation to Kalyan, Bala, Sujatha, Muthu, Nagu
and many other dear anbarhaz for theire contribution in this discussion. As I
find it difficult to find time to respond properly to the discussion, my
appriciation grows even greater.

We will find the best solution. Vazha THAMIRZ.



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