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Re: [WMASTERS] 8-bit scheme-version 1.4


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Dear Arunmozhi:
I did read your posting few days ago. Sorry for the silence.
Your question is very pertinent.

Straightforward sorting will be possible only if we have all the 
250+ tamil characters individually assigned a glyph code 
(which is not the case). In the present glyph encoding scheme, 
some of the uyirmei characters are defined by a single glyph 
(e.g, akara, ukara varisai), others by two glyphs (e.g. ekara, 
Ekara varisai) and some by three glyphs (okara and
Okara varisai). 

As I indicated in my posting, the sorting trials were done by 
Muthu Nedumaran. I do not know the details of his sorting
trials to answer. Muthu is right now in LA, busy attending 
some computer conference. Away from his normal base, he 
couldn't read his emails.  Please wait at least till this week-end for
him to catch up. I am sure he will explain better the logic behind 
the chosen ordering of glyphs and also on his sorting trials.


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wherever possible use plain ASCII texts so that everyone can
read the whole message intact.


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