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Re: [WMASTERS] Foreign sounds in Tamil


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George Hart wrote:

> sounds, but he didn't.  He used the Tamil alphabet and put number after the
> letters to indicate what they were: k = k; k2 = kh; k3=g; k4=gh.  If you
> think about it, this isn't such a terrible system.  People could then write
> Gandhi in Tamil either in the conventional way (kaanti) or as k3aant4i.  If
> you don't like the Sanskrit sounds, all you have to do is select the text
> and remove the numerals globally.

ADHAWIN.HLP help file (1995) mentions exactly the same technique and an
example of a Sanskrit verse in praise of Tamil,
(composed by naadhamuni 800 AD) !.

Puttur Krishnasawamy Iyengar a profic writer (who presented papers
on "sanga kaala thamizhar samayam" (religion of Ancient Tamils)
in the recent Int.Tamil Conferences.
employs the technique even today, in his books, and articles.

The technique is less imposing that using new characters unfamiliar
to the common reader.

K. Srinivasan of Quebec.


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