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Re: [WMASTERS] 8-bit scheme-version 1.4


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I had sent this mail earlier, seeking clarification on the new 8 bit scheme
wrt sorting.


can you please send some more info on?

Thanks & Regards

B Arunmozhi

8-bit scheme-version 1.4

Dear Mr. Kalyan and others,

I am amazed at the energy and speed with which you all have been working.
Hats off to you all.

When I looked at the order, I wanted to ask you one thing:

When we sort in ascending order, should ™ come first or  should come first.
For example, 

‘Ε    - (167,138,167,241)
‘™€  - (167,138,232,152,167)

off the above two, which should come first? If we use simple sorting using
'C' functions like strncmp (or sorting by putting in a word table), '‘Ε'
comes first.

I have decoded them with the numbers from your mapping table.  I will be
greatful if you can verify if my decoding is correct.

One more doubt:

How will be encode the chracter ώ‘ - will it be 144,167,138 ? If so, how
the sorting will be taken care off?  If my assumption is correct, ώ‘ΐγΕ
will be ordered before Ο― unless we use some different sorting algorithms?

Thanks & Regards

B. Arunmozhi
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