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[WMASTERS] UNICODE 2.0 - How Hard & Fast Is It?


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Dear Tamil lovers of all kinds,

This is Jochen Leidner's response to my message on how hard and fast
UNICODE 2.0 is, what the expertise of the contributors of the Tamil
language components to it were, and whether it can be amended to reflect a
consensus of Tamilians that's about to be available now.

It appears to me that there was very little Tamil expertise that went into
UNICODE 2.0. This is not a great state of affairs, but it is by no means

What this suggests to me is that we can submit the consensus we reach here
to the UNICODE consortium *and* our submission will have very strong
weight. A weak standard simply does not get implemented (remember software
makers do not typically implement all of UNICODE, only parts of it that's
in line with their commercial aspirations) or fails during implementation.

In short, let's take it as our target to come up with a consensus that will
have more weight than any other extant Tamil computing standards in
influencing the various standards bodies.


**forwarded message**

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 16:51:25 +0200 (METDST)
From: Jochen Leidner <leidner@linguistik.uni-erlangen.de>
To: Bala Pillai <bala@tamil.net>
Subject: Re: [WMASTERS] Re: Old Orthography, response to Kalyan

Dear Bala,

>How cast in stone is UNICODE 2.0 as it applies to Tamil script? Is it not
>possible that our discussions would affect a revised version of UNICODE 2.X
>? My limited knowledge of UNICODE Tamil deliberations suggest that it did
>not get much (not anybody's fault mind you) airing.

I'm afraid I do not know much about the Tamil script, and even less
about the stability of Tamil wrt UNICODE 2.0; I can only say that
everybody can suggest new characters to the committee, and acceptance
is dependent on the criteria specified on the Unicode web server.

Kindest regards,

Jochen Leidner            leidner@linguistik.uni-erlangen.de
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