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Re: [WMASTERS] total Tamil Internet solution


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Muthu Nedumaran wrote:
> I'm sure you understand the difference between an interface and an
> implementation !  Any organisation can (and certainly will) protect
> their implementation - but no one should really protect an interface.
> Take ASCII for example, I need not *seek* permission from any organisation
> to *store* my electronic text in ASCII.  But I am in great trouble if
> I use/copy/distribute a text editor that has been written and owned
> by some one else - though it implements ASCII.
> In this respect, I do not think *any* of us have an *open* interface.

You are 100% right in the first paragraph. However, the next sentence
should read

In this respect, I do think *all* of us have an *open* interface.
All the mappings are public. Anyone is free to create font set
in any mapping. Nobody "in my opinion" has objection to
converters to and from his/her standard.
If I am wrong please correct me on this forum.

Yours humbly

Srinivasan of Quebec.


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