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Re: [WMASTERS] Design goals of 8-bit Tamil encoding standard


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Dear Govind (as you wished!:-)),

I just have one comment. 

govindasamy wrote:

>----- part deleted-----
>The Draft version of the proposed  version of
> ISCII -1997, which is prepared by the Deparment of Electronics -
> committee, will take care of all the things that we are discussing- with
> slight modification.
> just for info, the 1997 ISCII draft is aim at to arrive at an encoding
> that satisfies the following important requirements:
> 1.  An encoding scheme that is independent of the input
> process(keyboard, speech, OCR, hand writing, ect.)
> 2.  An encoding scheme that is independent of the output or rendering
> process (display, print, speech, etc.)
>----- part deleted----- 
> >
> > 2. Encode characters, not glyphs.
> on Sep 17 AnbuArasan clearly explain, that the proposed encodings should
> be based on basic characters  not glyphs, and he gave the reasons. At
> this point we have to look at his mail seriously. can any one of you
> repost that mail?

I feel, in Normal conditions, making an "Independent" encoding scheme is
a trivial job. Just following "uyir"+"mey"=uyirmey formula will do. It
resolve all these sorting, searching issues.

But...This will obviously not work in character terminals and other
displays of current days. I really dont know what these "Independent
Standards" going to do with this situation.

So what Tamil.Net discussions are trying to do is to find an **Interim**
standard, that does encode Glyphs(please note that we are NOT encoding
characters) but something thats convertible to "Independent Encoding
too(This is done by keeping one Glyph for one character AMAP). After
collection of glyphs make a character.


An independent encoding scheme


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