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Re: [WMASTERS] vikramAthithanum vEthALamum


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Hello All,

I have zero knowledge in font encoding and standardization efforts. But I
have been observing the discussions going here,only because my mother tongue
is Thamilh. On that front, I dare to write here. Thanks.

Shanmugavel Ponniah Wrote:

>My main intention was that all of us should start thinking about the reality.
>The first 'EuroEnglish' email clearly tells us that if anybody wants to
>any well established language used by millions of people world wide then 
>you have to name your version of the language as 'EuroEnglish' or 
>'SomeEnglish' and here comes a new language.

I beg to differ here. At first, any new idea will seem to be far from
reality. But in reality, they are not. Take the case of New aikAra
letters(in stead of ORNL's). How many people are exposed to the new scheme?
Had not the old letters well established? How the transition has been made
possible? I'm not talking about long long ago. It happened nearly 20 years
ago. And the new letters have been accepted and become standard. 

I'm not telling that we should ignore Grantha letters. But we should think
of other possibilities also. Discarding something new only because it's more
different from the old or there'll be lot of practical problems implementing
that, will do no help for us.

We are coming up with new things only because the old ones are flawed. Then
why do we need to stick to the old ones? We have to think of the
alternatives also. But in this forum, we are all more concerned about the
implementation problems and more or less heading towards accepting Grantha
letters. I agree, Keeping Grantha will reduce a lot of problems. But our
attitude should not be like this. We should try to make Thamilh more usable
in every walk of life by enriching that. There lies the growth and life of
the language, not in dumping some new charecters now and then.

That is the exact worry of people like Dr.Anu. We may disagree with them.
But we should give respect to the sentiments of them. If we don't use
anything, eventually it will become useless.

My point is,we should have to be open minded to new things.

My heartiest thanks to everyone in this forum for working to keep Thamilh
alive. Hope we will draft the standard in time.

Thanks for reading.


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