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Re: [WMASTERS] vikramAthithanum vEthALamum


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In a message dated 97-10-05 14:22:53 EDT, you write:

<<  Í:
  !  ̑   㑍  ׍  
 ϙ.  Ƒ Source-   æ?
 ב  , 钣.  ݒ      .

Dear Dr. Kannan,

Please understand that I donot have any intentions to hurt Dr.Selva or 
anybody by my Vikramathithyan mail. I donot have any doubts about 
any Tamil.Net-er's 'pulamai'.

My main intention was that all of us should start thinking about the reality.
The first 'EuroEnglish' email clearly tells us that if anybody wants to
any well established language used by millions of people world wide then 
you have to name your version of the language as 'EuroEnglish' or 
'SomeEnglish' and here comes a new language.

My point was Dr. Selva's idea will give birth to 'Tamilnadu Tamil', or 
'Sri Lanka Tamil' or 'Malaysia Tamil' or even ( don't laugh :-) ) 'America
Do we want one more language? Hell NO! We want to save our dying
Tamil. Let's unite and encode the current Tamil (with Grantha).

Shanmugavel Ponnaiah,
New Jersey.

BTW:   please visit "http://www.baanthai.com/euroe.htm" for the original
of the EuroEnglish. For your convenience, I have attached the confirmation
that I received from that site manager.

In a message dated 97-10-05 13:19:48 EDT, Hans write:

<< Dear Sam,
 thank you for your mail today.
 YES - Euroenglish is a fiction, a joke.  But sometimes the reality is hardly
 to believe.  Reading the papers you will find stories same this - and these
 are true.
 Best Regards
 Hans Moeller
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