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Re: [WMASTERS] Can we please develop a standard?


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*At 12:36 PM 10/3/97 +0000, Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:
*>We have to work closely to come up
*>with the first draft standard. We could then circulate it amongst=20
*>professionals in the ring such as Mani, Nagu and others
*>willing to participate in the documentation preparation process.
*Count me in! Along with the draft standard, I would like to see a FAQ for
*the implementers.  This could include among other things the sorting and
*searching algorithms and implementation notes.  Also, I would like to
*archive the entire standardization thread in a well known web site.
*>We are aware that many of us are fed up with the mess in
*>the arena of tamil computing and would like to have a standard
*>established as soon as possible. But we should not rush things.
*>All comments, criticisms and suggestions must be given due=20
*>consideration. No one should feel that some vested interests are
*>pushing through things rapidly.=20
*Very well put Dr. Kalyan.  I agree with this statement wholeheartedly.

    I'm not as enthusiastic as Mani here. 
    I honestly feel there was VERY LITTLE consideration
    given to ideas or discussions.
    Has ANYONE answered why ksha has to be
    included ( except Muthu's single brief response )? 
    Has ANYONE explained why we need tamil numerals 10, 100, 1000
    or why tamil fractions were not included. I think there is
    too much arbitrariness and ideas are not discussed much
    In short I'm not happy at all with version 1.4. I'll post

    I appreciate the tremendous effort Kalyan and Muthu had devoted,
    but I can not agree that there was 'due consideration' given.
*>Also all of us engaged in this=20
*>standardisation exercise are purely volunteers with full time=20
*>committment to other things.
*All for the love of the language.  And I would like to see more volunteer
*participation.  Dr. Kalyan and his small committed band of supporters need
*help, particularly from computer professionals who are likely to use this

       I want to volunteer, but I need to know more about
       the timeframe. I asked for deadlines a long time ago
       but no one replied. 
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