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Re: [WMASTERS] Standard


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Hi All,

This is my first mail in 'Webmasters'. I have written a few
letters in 'tamil@tamil.net' from my home email account

Anu, I think every system needs an opposing party
to function correctly. Keep it up. But also don't forget
put yourself in their shoe in solving the problem.

All I understand from the previous two days mail is that
you guys agreed on keeping SOME grantha characters and not
all of them.

As Anu said we are trying to make decision on behalf of those
people who never saw computers and never used computers.
We should be more and more careful in making the decision.

In my opinion, keeping more characters is better than removing
a few. Because later if we need those removed characters, it
will be a big mess. 

Why don't we keep all of them (Yes! all grantha characters) and
then later have your nice big debate to reform the existing tamil.

BTW can any one give me an introduction, like
How many commitees we have?
Who are the commitee members?
Where are we in building the standard?

Thank you all,

Shanmugavel Ponnaiah,
New Jersey.

>On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Anu wrote:
>       .........
>	The decision is yours.
>	If you do not like my opposing views, and if you feel that 
>	it would do good if I optout from this discussion, I would
>	happily do so.  Please let me know.
>	With regards,
>	Anu.

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