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Re: [WMASTERS] Tamil Inferiority Complex


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	Dear Bala, Schiffman, Kalyanasundaram, Hart,
	and other netters who have oppsing views on 
	sanskritising tamil,

	I am very sorry for hard the tone of my response, to the mail
	from bala.  I take it back with an appology.

	Also, Prof. Schiffman, Prof. Hart and Dr. Kalyanasundaram
	did not write anything about "inferiority complex".
	It is misleading that I have included their names
	in that mail.  My appology to them.

	It is not my intention to hurt the feelings of any individuals.  
	My writing on personification of
	tamil does not mean to imply any body as mother killer.
	I appologize for your misunderstanding.

	Also, I tried make the people who framed the question
	(I do not know who initiated this question, Is it Selva or Bala?)
	 "Is the activity of tamil purists due to the inferiority complex 
	disease?" to realize how much it would hurt the feelings
	of tamil purists.  That is why I wrote how long it would take
	for tamil purists to call others as "cocaine sellers".
	It is again a question and I did not try to call anybody
	with those indecent words.  If any one feels that way 
	I am sorry about it.

	Also, I appologize for my style of writing which is known in tamil
	as "Vanchap pukazchi aNi".  It may hurt more if one fails
	to understand the "comedy - Nakaichuvai" underlying that style.

	Now, I will like to ask those who 
	who called tamil purists and great leaders of tamilnadu
	with the word "inferiority complex diseased patients"
	what would they like to do.  Still would like to call those
	leaders with these type of words? 
	Instead of writing on the the views of tamil purists, 
	branding those great leaders as psycho diseased patients,
	I do not think is correct.

	There are differences between people of commerccial interest
	and social interest.  Those great leaders tried to save
	tamil from the onslaught of northern and western languages.
	If had the not fought for tamil's purity, we will not be
	talking here about tamil, because tamil would have been destroyed 
	long back.  There are many such languages which are no more
	in usage.  It is due to the continuous resistance that tamil
	lovers showed against attacks on tamil, we have still tamil
	alive and flourishing.

	Please, try to respect their dedications and devotions.



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