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Re: [WMASTERS] Tamil Inferiority Complex (Was: Selvaa's suggestions)


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> Harold F. Schiffman wrote:
> > English is really the danger.  While keeping the barn door shut to
> > Sanskrit and Hindi, English has come in through the cracks and the
> > windows.
> >
> > I leave with one parting question.  Why is it that despite the 34 years
> > that I have spent studying Tamil, when I go to Tamilnadu and try to speak
> > in Tamil, most people reply to my Tamil with English? (This doesn't happen
> > when I am speaking on the telephone there, only in person).
> > Just wondering...
> > 
> > H. Sc

	I would do the same thing, Prof. Schiffamn.

	The reason is by looking at you, I know you are a foreigner.
	My first guess would be that you know English well.  Therefore
	it would be helpful to you if I communicate in your language.

	To some of the questions posed by Americans and Indians, sometime
	I have replied in tamil.  I realize my mistake when they repeat
	repeat the question.  The visual image reach the brain faster
	than the sound.  That imgae may force the brain to respopond
	accordingly.  This visual image is not going to influence
	when you talk over the phone.  Because you lived for so long
	in tamil nadu, may be you are speaking tamil with tamil nadu
	tamils' accent.

	If my memory is correct, you lived in Thiruvannamali.
	Is that correct?
	If yes, you would have gone to the village.
	In your experience what percentage of sanskrit words and
	what percentage of english words did you observe from
	the speach of illiterate people?

	This would clarify non tamilnadu tamils and Tamilnadu
	city tamils about the real situation in tamilnadu.

	Also, did you live in one of those days of defending
	tamil against Hindi?  If that is true what is your
	impression about tamil nadu tamils and their love
	for tamil?  Among tamil leaders, is there any one
	whom you admire for any particular reason?

	I do not know much about Dr. Hart's exposeure to tamil.  
	My impression about him is that he got mostly city 
	exposure in tamilnadu.  Again, it is a guess and I may 
	not be right.  Many tamil nadu tamils writing in this
	forum are also from city.  that is why they see more
	of sankrit and english influence which I, Kathir,
	Elango, Mani did not see.

	Majority of tamils live in villages.
	Your views may help in this regard.




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