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Re: [WMASTERS] Tamil Inferiority Complex


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	Thank u very much for for your very "decent" analysis
	with the problems of tamil purists.

	Congrads for changing your field of expertise also.

	Now you, Schiffamn and (who else?) have identified
	the disease of the great leaders like

	Parithimal Kalainjar
	Maraimalai Adikal
	Theveneyap Pavanar
	Ki.A. Pe. Visuvanatham
	and at the last the disease of the simple person Anu
	as "Inferiority Complex".

	Very good for your free diagnosis.  Do you, Schiffman,
	Kalyanasundaram or Hart has any medicine?

	Yes.  Sure You do.

	If we personify tamil as tamil mother, then your medicine

	Kill tamil mother. Take her bone marrow, blood and spleen.
	Isolate her immune cells.  Incubate with sanskrit soaked
	poisonous singaporean-malaysian-americam-ariyan softwares and infuse 
	into tamil nadu tamils.  Why?  Because that is where majority
	of tamils live.  That is where you can make much money.

	This is beautiful idea. 

	Welcome for showing your true colors.

	When you call those who dedicated themselves to save tamil
	as inferiority complex diseased patients, how long
	would it take for those tamil lovers to call you as

	I do not want to go that low.  If you have the superiority
	complex that you founded a net group that no one can found then
	it is very wrong.
	We have found many net groups in the past.  Most of them 
	after sometime ceased to exist for the same reasons that 
	you are doing in tamil net now.  The most recent one closed was
	MKU(Madurai Kamaraj University)-net.

	If sanskritized SW developers think that they have done
	something wonderful that no tamilnadu tamils can do
	again you are wrong.  Tamilnadu has a rich SW personnels.

	Still there are so many tamils enjoying your writings.
	Thanks to them.

	I am writing this after waiting for one week to see the response 
	of tamil net members.  Oh! No one can cure their "selfish" disease.
	With enormous pain



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