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Enough of inferiority complexes, social transformations, etc. etc.  Let's
settle on a standard so we can all use it.  My suggestion: I see nothing
whatsoever wrong with Inaimathi as an interim standard until Unicode is
universally adopted (2 or 3 years?)  I note that Apple's new file system
will be Unicode compliant and even has a language number for Tamil (14).

So here's what I'd like to hear:

Are there any reasons why Inaimathi is seriously flawed?  Exactly what
flaws can be fixed by a new standard?  No long rambling discourses, please;
succinct, clear answers.

We need to stop worrying about glyphs, spelling systems, philosophy, caste,
etc. etc., and do something we can actually accomplish.  So how about it?
I'd like to set a deadline of ONE WEEK for a final system.  We can vote for
it -- anyone who has contributed a few thoughts on this forum is eligible
to vote.  Myself, I'll vote for anything that works!  And I suggest the
Inaimathi coding because there's already a large body of stuff in it.  G.


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