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Re: [WMASTERS] Tamil Inferiority


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Dear Prof. Hart,

Regarding Thanith Thamiz, the practical approach would be:

    In future, if given two choice between a pure Tamil Word and a
    word in one of English, Sanskrit etc. a Tamilian should prefer
    to use the Tamil word.

I 100% agree with you that "fighting NOW" is like Nero fiddling while
Rome burns.

Than Thaayai uyarvaaga mathiththaal (athu pennaanaalum cari allathu
moziyaanaalum cari) thaan oru naadu valarum enRa ungal karuththu
ovvoru thani manithanukkum porunthum.

Please read further...

George Hart wrote:
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> With all due respects to everyone, I think two things are keeping Tamil
> from becoming a modern language and, indeed, are killing it slowly and
> surely.  The fact is, as far as I can see, Tamil is becoming more and more
> marginalized as time goes on.  English is used by Tamil people for
> "serious" purposes, while Tamil remains for "kitchen" talk.  The number of
> serious Tamil books published is pathetically small, and, I suspect, is
> shrinking (in number of pages).

Mellath Thamiz inic caakum... enRa paarathiyin payam inRu nanavaaki
varum nilaiyai naam maatriyaaga vEndum....

>  People worry about "Tanit tamiz" and
> grantha characters, and are like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.
> The two things that are holding Tamil back are:
> 1. The caste system.
> 2. The disrespect of women's rights.
> This is not to belittle the greatness of Tamil in the past -- like other
> areas of the world, the Tamil-speaking world had its good and bad aspects.
> But if Tamil is to survive and flourish into the next century, the culture
> must cease to be medieval.
> I don't want to get into an argument on these things.  I know there are
> people out there who sincerely believe that caste is disappearing in modern
> Tamil Nadu and that women are finally getting their rights recognized.  I
> would only ask such people to read any page of marriage advertisements in a
> Tamil newspaper.  Or to consider how a divorced woman is treated in modern
> Tamil Nadu.  One reason Malayalam is a more viable language than Tamil is
> that the area is socially more enlightened.  I read an analysis of why
> China is progressing much faster than India -- it argued persuasively that
> the reason is that the class of landlords was destroyed by the Communists.
> The fact is, we are putting the cart before the horse.  In the end, we must
> realize that language is simply a reflection of a society.  If the society
> does not develop, the language will not.
> G. Hart

Yes. Thats exactly is the point. Its the society which has to change.
Its the society that has inferiority complex on their own living (right
from language to everything).

Thank You very much for clearing out a very basic idea here.



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