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Re: [WMASTERS] Machine Tranlsation Project from English to Tamil


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Dear friends,

I thought of writing a 'sentence to sentence' translation program using the
code for the interactive dictionary which  I developed last year.  In fact,
the current version allows for this, if we prepare the database.  (The same
dictionary can be used to create the database).  However, it will only
translate an English sentence to a Tamil sentence provided the entire
sentence is available in the database.  It is not an 'intelligent' program
that can translate using key-words.  I thought of writing a small database
for travellers, with common questions such as "Where is the bus stop?", but
decided to move on to the project on text-to-speach conversion.  Infact,
with a bit more work, it could be programmed to translate questions such as 
"Where is the ____?" where the blank could be any word that is found in the
word dictionary.  If there is any ineterest, I can try this in a few months
time.  Regards.



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