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Re: [WMASTERS] Tamil Inferiority


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George Hart wrote:
> With all due respects to everyone, I think two things are keeping Tamil
> from becoming a modern language and, indeed, are killing it slowly and
> surely.  The fact is, as far as I can see, Tamil is becoming more and more
> marginalized as time goes on.  English is used by Tamil people for
> "serious" purposes, while Tamil remains for "kitchen" talk.  The number of
> serious Tamil books published is pathetically small, and, I suspect, is
> shrinking (in number of pages).
> The two things that are holding Tamil back are:
> 1. The caste system.
> 2. The disrespect of women's rights.
> I don't want to get into an argument on these things.  I know there are
> people out there who sincerely believe that caste is disappearing in modern
> Tamil Nadu and that women are finally getting their rights recognized.  I
> would only ask such people to read any page of marriage advertisements in a
> Tamil newspaper.

I agree with the situation as expressed by Prof.Hart.

Tamil is becoming marginalized in Tamil Nadu as well as in the
rest of India, much more than any other language in their own
native region. Perhaps a few more like thuLu etc. may
be dissapearing faster.

The two social problems that Prof.Hart mentioned are all over India,
not just in Tamil speaking areas. Perhaps, the whole of India
eliminating these social problems, will help Tamil to prosper.

Perhaps Tamil Nadu has to be better than others in tackling
these social problems. That may be the only way for Tamil to survive
as a minority.



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