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In a message dated 97-09-24 05:18:04 EDT, manim@ix.netcom.com (Mani) writes:

<<Dr. Selva,
 You wrote:
 >    I know many must be very busy at this time, but
 >    I would like to hear comments ( positive or negative or neutral),
 I studied your proposals carefully.  I was impressed that the grantha sounds
 could be emulated by a combination of native sounds and symbols.  However
  and here I am going into the unknown territory), new user interface designs
 have an unpredictable life.  "QWERTY" is not the best keyboard design for
 typing in English.  And certainly, anybody who is learning typing today
 don't need to learn it.  It is quite trivial to remap the keyboard to any
 standard the user desires.  And yet, QWERTY rules.  Most of the Editors on
 IBM PC have to emulate WordStar or BRIEF control keys because of user
 resistance.  If this is the case for products that are less than 100 years
 old, one can only imagine how the literate Tamils will react to such radical
 change. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dear All,

I agree 100% with Mr. Mani. Dr. Selva I also visited your
website and saw the proposal. It is inovative and I am 
glad you are working so hard just because you love Tamil.
We also have to think, "who are the audience". For now just
you, me and the rest of the Tamil.Net-ers, in the future all 
Tamilians. They cannot simply jump suddenly from regular 
Tamil to the computer version of the Grantha-less Tamil.

I don't really understand "why do we HATE grantha characters?". 
Does it look like Hindi, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam?
What do we achieve if we don't use grantha characters? We are,
actually trying to kill or rape Tamil. Sometimes  when I go through 
some mails I really, really feel like using some FRENCH. What are we 
really doing here? Can somebody explain it to me?

When I read the "kavithai"s they pass on in the Tamil.Net, I really
feel that who will continue this work in the next generation. I mean
most of us (who are writing/fighting) are living abroad, mostly older 
people writes them (I think). Before we die, I think we should do 
something. As a starting point why don't we implement an encoding 
standard that uses the current Tamil character set without any changes?

P.S. I am not a very good writer. I write what I feel. 
If it hurts anybody I am sorry.....


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