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[WMASTERS] Face in Tamil, thuLu script.


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George Hart wrote:
> I have never heard of Tulu being written in Grantha script.  I've heard of
> both Malayalam and Kannada used for it -- I think Kannada is more common
> nowadays, but I'm not sure.  GH

Yes, thuLu used Malayalam script, which is similar to Grantham script.
But thuLu is much older than Malayalam. So is it not right to say
Malayalam uses thuLu script!. A thuLu speaking person corrected me
saying thuLu script was very similar to Malayalam, but not same.
He has seen it with his grand father, who could read it. I suppose
it was the "grantham" script itself.

Today, being part of Karnataka, they have switched to Kannada script.

> On another note, perhaps some of you have heard the old saw "There is no
> word for 'face' in Tamil."  Pokorny, who wrote the Indogermanisches
> Etymologisches Woerterbuch, the major dictionary for Indo-European,
> believes the Sanskrit word mukha has a Dravidian origin (p. 751).

It is easy accept that Tamil has no word for "snow" and Inuit
has several words for snow depending on its consistancy etc.
Is there no other equivalent to "face" in sangath thamizh agaraadhi?

K. Srinivasan of Quebec.


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