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Re: [WMASTERS] ISCII (hope this will go thru')


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Sorry for that jumbled message yesterday.

Dr. Kalyan wrote,
> Devanagiri has maximum number of glyphs filled
>       103 out of 128 (25 vacant).
> Malayalam block has lesser number of glyphs: 
>      79 out of 128 (49 vacant)
> So in terms of the number of glyphs chosen, Devanagari has the
> maximum and all others become sub-set of this.
> I do not know Malayalam script at all to make any comments.

During this ongoing discussion on ISCII & Unicode yesterday, I happened to be 
browsing Unicode pages. 

In the Unicode Devanagari script, new symbols are added for dravidian letters, 
ekaram, okaram, La, za, etc.  These are small variations of existing devanagari


  For ekaram and okaram, a tilde was added in the original devanagari 
  EkAram and OkAram.

  For La, a glyph similar to infinity (tilted 8) symbol is used.  A Marathi
friend here
  says, this glyph exists in Marathi for La, while it is not used much in Hindi.

  For za the same symbol (La) is specified with a dot in the bottom.

  They have also provided for special symbol for E.  I assume this is supposed 
  to be used for 'a' as in 'fact'.



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