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[WMASTERS] Re: Re. 8-bit scheme and Unicode 2.0 Tamil


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George Hart wrote:
> My own feeling (not entirely seriously) has long been
> that Malayalam should be the national language of India.  Reasons:

Indonesia adopted "Bahasa Indonesia", spoken by
a very small minority, almost same as Malay
as its national language. The Majority 30% or so however
speak Javanese, quite incomprehensible to the Malay.

The main reason: to treat all the people equally.
Practically every one has to learn the national language
as their second language.

That is another point in favor of Malayalam; Perhaps thuLu
is a better choice. It also used Grantham script (similar to


K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:

> In principle, what you say is true. In practice, the slot assignments
> for all indian languages FOLLOW BLINDLY the assignments given to
> Devanagari (as explained below).
> If you have the Unicode tables handy,...

Exactly, that is what I found. Yet, others like Tibetan have not
followed it. Sinhala is missing! I suppose the experts think
angul Jamo and Tibetan are more common than Sinhala.

The request for the slot allocation for all Indic languages
probably went to some authority in India, which decided
without consulting experts in each language.

> Devanagiri has maximum number of glyphs filled
>       103 out of 128 (25 vacant).
> Malayalam block has lesser number of glyphs:
>      79 out of 128 (49 vacant)

They have created new symbols for zha, Short e, Short o
in Devenagri, to permit writing South Indian languages
in Devnagri. They have also created symbols for some
Urdu (arabic) sounds. In short, they would like to
see Devnagri as the "umbrella" for all the world



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