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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: Re. 8-bit scheme and Unicode 2.0 Tamil


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I have never heard of Tulu being written in Grantha script.  I've heard of
both Malayalam and Kannada used for it -- I think Kannada is more common
nowadays, but I'm not sure.  GH

>That is another point in favor of Malayalam; Perhaps thuLu
>is a better choice. It also used Grantham script (similar to
>K. Kalyanasundaram wrote:
>> In principle, what you say is true. In practice, the slot assignments
>> for all indian languages FOLLOW BLINDLY the assignments given to
>> Devanagari (as explained below).
>> If you have the Unicode tables handy,...
>Exactly, that is what I found. Yet, others like Tibetan have not
>followed it. Sinhala is missing! I suppose the experts think
>angul Jamo and Tibetan are more common than Sinhala.
>The request for the slot allocation for all Indic languages
>probably went to some authority in India, which decided
>without consulting experts in each language.
>> Devanagiri has maximum number of glyphs filled
>>       103 out of 128 (25 vacant).
>> Malayalam block has lesser number of glyphs:
>>      79 out of 128 (49 vacant)
>They have created new symbols for zha, Short e, Short o
>in Devenagri, to permit writing South Indian languages
>in Devnagri. They have also created symbols for some
>Urdu (arabic) sounds. In short, they would like to
>see Devnagri as the "umbrella" for all the world
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