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Re: [WMASTERS] 8-bit scheme-version 1.4


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I am sorry that my previous e-mail  was scrambled.  Here's the original

Arun wrote:

>But for the glyph preceeding main letter like 'kombu('','')', the code
>value for these glyphs should be such that 'ko()' is greater than
>'kai()'.  But I do not know how to arrange the glyphs so that an
>straight forward sort will help.  Why I am saying this is, for database
>systems, this is an important and required feature.  If we have employ some
>intermediate mapping before the sorting is done, it is going to adversely
>affect the performance of the datbase systems as well as we cannot use the
>existing datbases.

Arun raises an excellent question.  Forces one to think about character
encoding problems associated with Tamil computing rather than the font
rendering problems.

The only solution I can think of is to encode the ke, kE, ko, kO, and kau
series  differently.  (i.e.) Rather than reuse the kombu and kaal for ko, kO
and Kau series use uniqe character codes to indicate that these are
different glyphs.  Thus we will have:

"a aa  .... aq"
"ik ing ..    in"
"ka nga ...   na"
ki kokki
kee kokki
"ku ngu   ...   nu"
"koo ngoo   ...   noo"
ke glyph  ( to represent chinna kombu + uyir )
kE glyph  ( to represent periya kombu + uyir )
kai glyph ( to represent kai kombu + uyir )
ko glyph ( to represent chinna kombu + uyir + kaal)
kO glyph ( to represent periya kombu + uyir + kaal)
kau glyph ( ro represent chinna kombu + uyir + lla )

arranged in that order.  Of course granthas will have to be inserted in the
conventional agraathi order.

This will work for databases but will get in the way of simple font
rendering schemes on simple machines (POS terminals, CP/M, DOS machines

Mani M. Manivannan
Fremont, CA, USA.


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