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Re: [WMASTERS] 8-bit scheme-version 1.4

Leong Kok Yong <kokyong@irdu.nus.sg> wrote:

> yes, software development could form a major portion of it..
> IMHO, some areas which papers should at least touch on, (assuming the
> version 1.4 or later codeset is finalized)
> - how sorting is done and what difficulties involved in the software
> algorithm?
> - inter-conversion between the proposed codeset and Unicode/other 7 or
> 8-bit codes....what to do if a char being converted is not present in
> the target codeset?
Good question. Like the character S (as in Sankar) is not in the 
grantha list in the version 1.4., but it is available in the Mylai, 
Adhawin font encoding. How about those ORNL in Mylai and Adhawin and 
other fonts?

> - how chars (or rather glyphs) that are not represented/left-out in the
> codeset can be used in a document? via software glyph substitution? or
> font?
Similar to the last question. Same issues. Good question.

> - how various keyboard mappings (from typewriter to phonetic) will work
> with the proposed codeset? modifications to existing keyboard layouts
> needed to accomodate the proposed codeset?

This can be implemented easily by software developers.  Still the 
issue should be addressed.   
> However, we should not overlook the linguistic and other areas which
> will add life to the conference as a whole....i'm sure we do not just
> want developers to be present at the conference only...With only
> technical papers, we won't be able to attract all others who are
> interested and wish to contributed to building the Tamil resources on
> the Net...
My comments are, in addition to covering the linguistic (and 
standardization issues that are normally covered in Tamil 
conferences), I would like to put some light on the need for
Tamil software for Kids, Education and Other areas.  It need not
be just the developers pouring some technical info, but more as
a demonstration of the new softwares in Tamil for the wider 
audience. Even it could be an Expo style or Poster/One-on-One style
presentations where individual could come to the booths to try out 
these softwares. 

> Kumar Mallikarjunan wrote:
> > 
> > In additional note regarding TamilNet '98, I feel
> > we should concentrate more on software development
> > in Tamil for various target users (kids, academics,
> > desktop publications, recreational, sports etc.). And
> > I hope we should have settled ourselfs with this
> > font encoding and keyboard issues by then.
> > 

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