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Re: [WMASTERS] Re: Tamilnet 98


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Anbin Sujatha avarhadcu,

Ungal azaippitcu nantry,

Some times ago I had sent an article on "Tamil Kutalolihaz" together with my
specially created Tamil_Avarangal font.  I hope you had the opportunity to
read the article.  Long before this, I had posted floppy disks and printed
article to Muthalamaichchar Karunanidi and amaichchar Thamizkudimahan.  (I
did not receive reply).

First of all I need your help to put my article on the web and publish in
major magazines/newspaper inTamil Nadu. I request this as my spare time is
limited at present. I can expand on the article, if needed.

I have a lot of interest in Tamil computing. I had suggested to you (may be
the first time?) about the need for character coding, rather than keyboard
layout. At present, with my little available time, I am involved in designing
a hardware solution for the keyboard, as you can see there are a lot of us
already involved in s/w solution.
(Note: I could go for manufacturing the key board if I receive assitance from
TN Govt).

I am interested in attending the Tamilnet 98. But the important thing is to
have the article published. As I am writing this there is a heated discussion
going on on tamil.net about grantha. I have a truly Tamil solution for this
problem and that could be evident, in the article.

I had sent my limited comments about the proposed layout.

Awaiting for your reply.



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