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[WMASTERS] Re: Want to have your article published on the Web?


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Are you kidding

yes Sujatha urged us to write our new knowledge and experience in Tamil and
send it to the magazines there. I listened to the speech by Sirpi
Balasubramanian in which he pleaded that we send articles in Tamil about
our jobs, experience and so forth. 

I took them seriously and sent an article on Internet, WWW. As usual there
has been no response from the two publishers of magazines there.

the problem is most of the Tamil magazines there , go by the formula. They
alos have staff writers. Expanding the  knowledge of the readers aaaaand
exposing the readers to new writers is not there goal. Even if yo don't
want any money, they are not interested.

it is part of th epublishing culture. of course, they have dish out what
the readers want.

Anyway if you want to get your article published as a web page, let me know
. I maintain a couple of sited devoted to Tamil. I woudl love to have your
and others' article in Tamil on any subject. 

Since you don't have anytime just send me the article in word or
wordperfect format and I will take care of the coding for the Webpages.

Send it as an attachment to my address

Indy Ram


>Anbin Sujatha avarhadcu,
>Ungal azaippitcu nantry,
>Some times ago I had sent an article on "Tamil Kutalolihaz" together with my
>specially created Tamil_Avarangal font.  I hope you had the opportunity to
>read the article.  Long before this, I had posted floppy disks and printed
>article to Muthalamaichchar Karunanidi and amaichchar Thamizkudimahan.  (I
>did not receive reply).
>First of all I need your help to put my article on the web and publish in
>major magazines/newspaper inTamil Nadu. I request this as my spare time is
>limited at present. I can expand on the article, if needed.
>I have a lot of interest in Tamil computing. I had suggested to you (may be
>the first time?) about the need for character coding, rather than keyboard
>layout. At present, with my little available time, I am involved in designing
>a hardware solution for the keyboard, as you can see there are a lot of us
>already involved in s/w solution.
>(Note: I could go for manufacturing the key board if I receive assitance from
>TN Govt).
>I am interested in attending the Tamilnet 98. But the important thing is to
>have the article published. As I am writing this there is a heated discussion
>going on on tamil.net about grantha. I have a truly Tamil solution for this
>problem and that could be evident, in the article.
>I had sent my limited comments about the proposed layout.
>Awaiting for your reply.
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