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Re: [WMASTERS] Apology for strident tone!


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@Sorry, Hal and Selvaa -- I didn't want to be personal or strident, just to
@make a point.

       Prof. Hart, no I never took anything personal (!) 
       and only it was I who was worried
       whether I said something inappropriate or in an inappropriate
       manner as was in a hurry.
       I really appreciate the effort you're spending in sharing your
       considered thoughts in this informal medium and in fact
       I'm grateful to you ( I won't be wrong in guessing that many in the
       tamil.net are very happy to hear your thoughts).
@Selvaa: I just read your latest posting, and I agree wholeheartedly.  One
@note: there is an ancient verion of the Mahabharata by Peruntevanar, the
@same person who wrote the kaTavuL Vaazttu to the Purananuru -- it must have
@been a wonderful work.  We have only a few miniscule sections quoted by
@grammarians.  Ditto the TakaTuur Yaattirai and the Aaciririya maalai, which
@are apparently from Sangam times.  One of the more unfortunate aspects of
@the "Sanskrit paittiyam" which denigrated other traditions is that great
@efforts were made to collect Sanskrit manuscripts by both Indians and
@Westerners, while few such efforts were made for other Indian languages,

@most notably the richest, Tamil.  (Swaminathaier is the first I know of to
@have made a systematic effort for Tamil).

       u.vE.saa will always be admired as long as tamil lives. He is
       lovingly called thamiz thaaththaa. If 
       I may point out, he was not the first, he was one in the line
       and whenever we mention u.vE.saa we should never forget to
       mention DamOdarar who was not only an earlier pioneer and forerunner
       in this effort but he was a most valuable guide to u.vE.saa. 
       I'll post about DamOdarar later. 
       DamOdarar collected systematically various tamil manuscripts
       and carefully compared the versions and brought out 
       critical editions much before u.vE.saa... 
@The result is that we have lost many treasures.  One can only hope some of
@them are still extant and may be found.  George.

       anbudan selvaa


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