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[WMASTERS] charset and grantha


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iNaiya naNbarkaLE:

I want to draw attention to a couple of points I've
raised as discussed in web pages:


 You'll see a different point of view..and I hope Anu, Kathir
and Mani Manivannan also would welcome this.

Next, I would like to invite you to see the following 
webpage for a few more interesting
points ( some of them are traditional viewpoints and some
are not). I've also drawn attention to the new character
codes table as I see it. The character codes can be changed
( the positions in the table) without much of difficulties, but
the point is about the set of characters we should be including.
I've included Sri though I've argued it is not needed.
Even Azhvaar says sirItharan ( Sridharan ?) only 
using tamil characters.

These webpages have been prepared in a hurried manner and
they may contain a few typos etc. and I hope our folks will
focus on the points.

I've used Anjal's Inaimathi, but I've also used Mylai's Sri

I've intentionally used gif files since even those who have
not installed Anjal can read them. I've mostly used Anjal, but
one or two characters were also from Mylai ( for example Sri).
My thanks to Muthu and Kalyan, Dr. Kuppusamy, Dr. K. Srinivasan.

anbudan selvaa       
Sept 21, 1997


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