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Re: [WMASTERS] Grantha etc.


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Dear friends and aNu,

To promote the use of pure Tamil, there are other actions one can take.
I don't wish to get involved in a lengthy discussion now, as I am inundated
with teaching assessing etc.  Not until, November.  I wanted to express my
view on whether or not Grantha characters should be included in a Tamil font

>	As an engineer would you think differently than scientists?
>	Think about what would be more useful to write science in tamil
>	tamil + Greek or Tami+grantha?

I would like to have both, if not in the same bundle separately. However, I
am sure more Tamils will want Grantha than Greek, and I also use and will
continue to use Sanskrit based words if there are no corresponding Tamil
words that have the same meaning (and flow, if it is poem).  I see that we
have differing views on this, but words that have already been accepted in
Tamil should stay there.  The attitude that we must stick to pure Tamil
words only can even put some people off (from learning Tamil).  

Language is a means of communication, and is a vehicle to convey the
feelings etc, through the arts (muththamiz, iyal, icai, nAdakam).  To
grow/evolve, it needs the support of the masses.  Whether aNu and I like it
or not, people are going to continue to use words from other languages, and
Tamil will continue to evolve.  To help this process of evolution, please
accommodate others needs too.  After all, that is what I thought our
ancestors have done.

Let us not forget the old phrase 'pazaiyan kazithalum puthiyana puhuthalum'.
If not for this we may not be here now.  

>	Greek symbols in science and engineering is mandatory and
>	you know that.  Nobody can touch them.  

If Greek is acceptable, then why not a few Grantha characters.

>Therefore if you
>	have additional slots bundle greek symbols.  There we don not
>	have a choice.  When we define science and various fundamental
>	units we have include those symbols.  Those symbols do not
>	mix with tamil and will not kill tamil either.  It will stay
>	separate.  On the other hand grantha are used only to
>	sanskritise tamil and for nothing else.

I don't view it in this way, and I am not worried that Sanskrit will invade
Tamil.  Tamil will continue to 'live' and evolve.



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