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Re: [WMASTERS] Grantha etc.


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On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Ilanko&Anandi@xtra.co.nz wrote:

> 	Anu:
> >	As an engineer would you think differently than scientists?
> >	Think about what would be more useful to write science in tamil
> >	tamil + Greek or Tami+grantha?


> am sure more Tamils will want Grantha than Greek, and I also use and will
> continue to use Sanskrit based words if there are no corresponding Tamil
> words that have the same meaning (and flow, if it is poem). 

	Please Ilango, if do not have time you can stop answering my 
	questions.  But, instead, you haved paved way for more questions.
	My question is about you and you pulled majority of tamils
	as if you have conducted a servey very recently.

	We are 6 crores living in tamilnadu, and we have fought many
	wars to save tamil.  Therefore do not write if do not know.

 I see that we
> have differing views on this, but words that have already been accepted in
> Tamil should stay there.  

	Who accepted it?  Ilango?  That is fine.  Not Anu.
	You know that?  Not tamilnadu tamils?
	Did you see the actions taken by TNG?
	That includes sanskrit names also.

The attitude that we must stick to pure Tamil
> words only can even put some people off (from learning Tamil).  

	No body ever said that only if English include scripts from
	grantha or any other languages that he/she would learn english.
	We, tamils do not like to force anybody else to learn our
	language, and at the same time not ready to destroy our language
	to fulfill the eagarness of some body to learn tamil.

	If yoo tell me to kill my mother and then only you will
	talk to me or learn tamil,  I do not care your interest.
	Is that right?  Or would you do it differently?

> Language is a means of communication, and is a vehicle to convey the
> feelings etc, through the arts (muththamiz, iyal, icai, nAdakam).

	I have written many many times on that.  If you have time
	you can go back and read.  I need my tool, that is my tamil.
> grow/evolve, it needs the support of the masses.  

	Which masses are you talking about?  The handful of tamil net 
	members where a majority of them are tingleskrists?
	Or are you talking about tamils around the world?
	We can include those who never let down tamil to save
	their vested interests and take a vote.
	Do you want to do that?

Whether aNu and I like it
> or not, people are going to continue to use words from other languages, and
> Tamil will continue to evolve. 
	Even human race can not survive without help.
	How do you expect a nonliving tool, a language can
	survive on its own and evolve?  That too how tamil
	can evolve when it is under constant attack by
	sanskrit lovers in tamil nadu.

	Please go back and read what I wrote on the history
	of sanskritising efforts of tamil in tamil nadu.
	It is nearly 2000 years old history.

 To help this process of evolution, please
> accommodate others needs too.  After all, that is what I thought our
> ancestors have done.

	Thanks for you thought.  You can add a poison and let
	the living beng to evolve.  It will die.  Adding something
	quite foreign to tamil into tamil will kill.  Never a sound
	foreign to tamil should be allowed to get into tamil.
	This is how all the languages including english have been
	saved and safeguarded.  Otherwise, tell me how many
	new phonems since you learned english you added into english?
> Let us not forget the old phrase 'pazaiyan kazithalum puthiyana puhuthalum'.
> If not for this we may not be here now.  
	Again do not try this wasteful argument. I have written
	a number time on this later grammar (nannool).
	Again a nonliving object can not do "kazithal" and "pukuthal".
	Its all done by human beings.
	All the sanskritised tamil words have been forcefully
	"pukuththappattathu" into tamil by people like
	Bharathy and his ancient and recent relatives.
	They did not come into tamil on their own.
	They do not have life to come on their own.
	These delibrate attempts on tamil has been kept
	under check time and again by many tru tamil
	lovers like parithimAl kalainjar, maraimalai adikal,
	theveneyap pavanar, e. vE. rA, Annadurai, Karunanithi
	and many others.  It is history; not a story of imagination.
	I am not wriitng any sex stories here to fill my stomach.

> >	Greek symbols in science and engineering is mandatory and
> >	you know that.  Nobody can touch them.  
>       If Greek is acceptable, then why not a few Grantha characters.

	What could I say!?  I am going hit on my head like
	Cheethathalaich chaththanar did.
	Whether you write english, chinese, koriya, japanese, tamil,
	or sanskrit, to define certain things science uses greek
	characters.  You, and your friends who love grantha so much
	where had you been at that time when international committee
	on various branches of science held conferences to decide
	on the naming conventions?  If you guys had gone there
	and replaced the greek with your grantha, not only tamils,
	but every language writers would automatically include
	those grantha scripts when they write science.

	Any how, it is not too late.  These committees conduct
	meeting very often.  Next time, please, do not forget
	to take your grantha lovers along with you and make the
	committee to accept grantha rather Greek.  O.K.?

> >Therefore if you
> >	have additional slots bundle greek symbols.  There we don not
> >	have a choice.  When we define science and various fundamental
> >	units we have include those symbols.  Those symbols do not
> >	mix with tamil and will not kill tamil either.  It will stay
> >	separate.  On the other hand grantha are used only to
> >	sanskritise tamil and for nothing else.

	Even after reading this much of my statements if you ask the 
	question that you asked above, what could I say?
> I don't view it in this way, and I am not worried that Sanskrit will invade
> Tamil. 

	Thank you very much for your opinion.  Unfortunately the history has
	taught us differently.  It continues even now.  Tamil always had
	people like you.  They said by accepting sanskrit tamil won't die,
	By accepting hindi tamil won't die.  I know why they said this.
	Because they don't want to die.  They know pretty well that tamil
	will die or they may be ignorant even to realize this simple truth.
	But always they find it hard to resist anything when it comes by 
	force.  Your opinion will never help tamil.

	Peope like you may say that singalese will never destroy tamils.
	Why bother singalese?  Why dont' we accept their ruling?
	What would happen to tamil if it loses official language
	status, and etc.  But, fortunately every body is not like
	you.  There are some who are ready to die to save their
	language and land.  That is how each land and every language
	and every race has survived so far.

	Read the song by PattukOttai:

	ThAnA ellAm mARum enpathu pazaiya poyyada, ellAm pazaiya

 Tamil will continue to 'live' and evolve.

	_ Ilango.

	I know about evelution very well.  Both chemical and biological
	evolution.  I have published science research articles on this
	topic in internationally reputed scientific journals.  I have
	challenged a last lasted concept of biological evolution and
	broken the myth that many scientists all over the world were
	trying to uphold.

	Thanks for your allotting some of your valuable time for tami



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