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Re: [WMASTERS] Sri Lankan Tamil

	Why some people are so consistant in making false claim
	I do not know.

	I have said that a language can not be modified to satisfy
	a few individuals who have gone out of the tradition
	in selecting their names.

	My name as written in tamil will be
	"aNukANth AnumaNthan".  There may be many tamils with
	names having tamil script "za" in their name who
	would have become American or British citizen.
	Whether they are born or immigrant citizens it does
	not matter.  As per the constitution they have
	almost same rights and privilledges.

	Can we ask USA and UK to include tamil scripts
	into Englisg to help transliterating the names
	with the correct pronounciation.

	I am surprised by this kind writing from George
	even after reading my mails and Kathir's
	where we have highlighted tha chinese names
	and other problems.  People should obey 
	the rules of the land if they want to live there.

	Stop arguing that grantha scripts are necessary 
	transliterate some names.

	We, tamils, have seen such arguments for 
	atleast more than thousand years.

	People all over the world is ready to modify,
	infiltrate and destroy evry body's langauge
	safeguarding their own under safe lock and key.

	Let Americans and British lead the weay as they do 
	in politics in this inclusion of foreign scripts
	into their language.  We, tamils, will think
	about it later.

	Have you George, or any body in this net, ever
	suggested chinese to include tamil or english
	or any other scripts?  Try, and share your
	experience with tamil nadu people.
	I am going to become mad after seeing this
	same irrational arguments over thousand time
	from many people in this net.  

	Human beings should either learn for themselves,
	or learn from others.  If not ready for either
	that is individual's decision.  But we do not try
	to force those wrong things into common people.

	Nobody has that right, that too in a democratic
	land like tamilnadu. 


On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, George Hart wrote:

> 1. The new orthography is used throughout.
> 2. Grantha is used very sparingly, but is not entirely avoided.  It is
> essential for transliterating names.  I find a poem with the words
> "jananam" and "ejamanan."  These are two very expressive words, and have
> entered into the core of Tamil -- there are no other words with the same
> connotation available to the language.  (No, piRavi doesn't equal jananam).
> George Hart

	Neither Jananm is equivalent to piRavi, piRappu, thORRam,

	Nor ejmAnan is equivalent to ayyer, thalaivar, muthalvar,
	vaziNatatti, vazikAtti.

	I believe it!  So every body from tamilnadu believe it!
	And to transliterate these two unique words we need
	the grantha script "Ja".

	I am going to recommned this to nobel committe!


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