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Re: New RNL Used in Sri Lanka

Okay, I stand corrected.  ORNL is not a big  issue in Sri Lanka; So the
presentation made at Tamilnet97 by the Sri Lankan participant gave the
wrong impression...

Hal Schiffman

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Bala Pillai wrote:

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> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 97 12:03 GMT
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> From: harrier@bigfoot.com (Naren. T)
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> Dear Mr. Bala,
> as far as the situation is considered in Sri Lanka, there is no issue as
> explained (the only language issue being some odd words and accented tamil /
> pronounciation which prevails among the Jaffna tamil people and not the
> Indian Tamil
> people in Sri Lanka)
> As far as newspapers and books (new edition) and even schooling is
> considered, it is the "split" nai and lai that is adopted.
> Even the locally developed software for Tamil DTP has the same things (i.e.
> new letters).
> The newspapers could be due to the fact that they are typeset in computers
> (and hence the unavoidable standard).
> But in written tamil (handwritten) people prefer the old letters due to
> various reasons - like easier writing, speed, having got used etc. etc.
> I hope I have set the issues in clear sense from the point of Sri Lanka.
> Thanks and bye
> Naren

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