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New ORNL Used in Sri Lanka (fw)

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Date: Thu, 18 Sep 97 12:03 GMT
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To: bala@apic.net
From: harrier@bigfoot.com (Naren. T)
Subject: Characters
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Dear Mr. Bala,

as far as the situation is considered in Sri Lanka, there is no issue as
explained (the only language issue being some odd words and accented tamil /
pronounciation which prevails among the Jaffna tamil people and not the
Indian Tamil
people in Sri Lanka)

As far as newspapers and books (new edition) and even schooling is
considered, it is the "split" nai and lai that is adopted.

Even the locally developed software for Tamil DTP has the same things (i.e.
new letters).

The newspapers could be due to the fact that they are typeset in computers
(and hence the unavoidable standard).

But in written tamil (handwritten) people prefer the old letters due to
various reasons - like easier writing, speed, having got used etc. etc.

I hope I have set the issues in clear sense from the point of Sri Lanka.

Thanks and bye


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